Tributes to Dr. Gabisiu Ayodele Williams


My husband, my love, my dearest Gabi: A tribute to you on your translation into eternal glory!

Gabi, you are now in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and with the very clear smile on your face when you passed on, it was obvious that your soul was quickly transported into heaven, the eternal home of saints like you who died in the Lord! The saints triumphant gave you a royal welcome home. Glory be to God.

Gabi, you were the love of my life, my best friend, my devoted and wonderful husband of 54 years and 7 years of courtship before our marriage. You were my favourite person in the world and I was greatly blessed by your love and support. You were my best friend in good times and my close partner in bad times. Throughout the bumps on the road of life, you stood strong and caring, focusing your eyes upon our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, “the author and Finisher of our faith”. In Revelation 14:13 we read: “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on. They will rest from their labour, for their deeds will follow them.”
Adieu Gabi for now.
Your wife,

My earliest memory of our father is of his taking charge of the delivery of our brother, Jide, on Christmas Eve, 1969. It was such a dramatic event for a five-year-old to witness and so auspicious that Daddy was a trained medical doctor. It all happened in the garage of our house on Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi. My heavily pregnant mum and I had just returned from the dentist. Suddenly she went into labour... I remember my Dad’s younger brother, Uncle Babs, appearing from nowhere and the combination of joy and alarm on his face as he hung on for dear life to the instructions my father was calling out. The instructions sent him running to and from the clinic at the back of our house to fetch equipment Daddy needed to deliver his first son.

So there it is, my first impression of our Dad: one of supreme competence. After that comes a succession of images of Daddy laughing and cracking jokes to the delight of (the invariably) large groups of friends and family who would regularly gather in our sitting-room as we grew up.

Our home, thanks to him, was such a sociable household! How does one man acquire such capacity for friendship with people from all walks of life and of all ages? He was as much a favourite of the regular guy in Olowogbowo (where he came from) as he was of the highest ranking public servant. As much loved by the elderly as by the younger generation for whom he served as a role model. Looking back, I understand why the younger titans would choose him: a good influence, plus, he was sooo conscientious in all that he undertook but never pious about it.

His colleagues at work have nothing but fond memories of our father and his capacities. His sense of humour was legendary amongst co-workers, friends and family, but that infectious laughter never came at the expense of his native grace. Our Dad was always understanding, full of intelligence and compassion.

He was particularly supportive of me during adolescence and post-adolescence. He was kind, compassionate and patient. And he let me know, throughout my trials, that he was proud of me and that he loved me unconditionally. He encouraged me to read and to write and always enjoyed reading what I wrote. He would tell me to, ‘Keep it. Don’t throw it away’.

After he had passed to Glory, as I cradled his head in my arms and hugged his still warm body and thanked him for so many things, I hope I remembered to thank him for giving me all that encouragement.

He was a wonderful grandfather to my son, Damilare, who sadly can’t remember much about him as Alzheimer’s Disease ‘stole’ Grandpa away when Damilare, ( now 17), was still so little.

Dear Daddy, thank you also for being a strong and loving husband to our mum. A pillar of our home and of Nigerian society, you were and will remain a shining example of the man in Proverbs 31 who appreciated his wife’s love and wisdom and who understood that this loving wisdom enabled him to maintain his unchallenged status at the city’s gates.
May your beloved soul rest in eternal bliss.
Your eldest daughter,

A wise woman once said: When we are born we are crying but are surrounded by people who are filled with joy. But when we are dying we are filled with the joy of returning home – but are surrounded by people who are crying. Daddy, when we came to see you at the mortuary we were all amazed to see you smiling! And this was not just any smile: it was the smile of recognising a loved one beyond. This has given me untold comfort, thank you. On the other hand, who can blame us for missing a unique and magnificent, loving husband, father and grandfather? A man with a rare humanity? It is this void that causes us deep pain. But we will do our best not to dwell on this loss so that we do not take for granted the unique blessing of having you in our lives. So, we again turn to Scripture for our reassurance and our hope. Romans 14:7–9 tells us that “none of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself. For if we live, we live to the Lord. So, then, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s. For to this end Christ died and lived again, that he might be Lord both of the dead and of the living.”

I miss you profoundly, Daddy. My heart is breaking and I feel too much pain. You bore your illness with such dignity. The mark of who you were. I am so proud of you.
Love always,

Doctor Williams - Old school gentleman, and a byword for personal integrity and honour. Great sense of fun and witty humour (oft times, somewhat ‘fruity’!).

Keen golfer, though slow players, and spare Chapmans (his favourite drink) had to beware –The Gentleman was not for waiting! (paraphrasing Margaret Thatcher.)

Always generous, gracious, kind and encouraging, he was a perfect host to his many friends and frequent visitors and, above all, a loving husband and devoted companion to his matchless wife ("Mummy").

He was also well read, very loyal and principled and would confront anything that might be an offence, or an affront to responsibility, especially amongst men. Due to his cruel illness, he has been and will remain sorely missed by us all and will be fondly remembered by me for his Wedding Speech, our games of golf, our drinks of Chapmans, our banter at the Ikoyi Golf Club's 19th hole and our short lunches at the Metropolitan Club.
May you rest in perfect peace, eternally free of earthly ailments.
Your son-in-law,
Michael Bailey

How do we tribute to pay our beloved father - a rare human being who rightly believed that the only pension a good man truly receives is that which he draws from his honor? Indeed, this is one of those times that the old cliché applies, when words are far too inadequate for articulating the contents of a bleeding heart. Notwithstanding, and with profound humility, we will attempt to outline some of dad’s most notable attributes:

  • He was a great father. The older we get the more we realize what an amazing father he was. Perhaps our most important lessons were the ones he shared about happiness. “It is not what we have or who we are or where we are or what we are doing that makes us happy or unhappy” he said, “it is what we think about it.” He also once said, “he who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”
  • He was a great husband to our mother. In fact we still believe that we are witnesses to one of the greatest love stories in the world.
  • He had great integrity. This quality in men is increasingly scarce – not the one falsely measured by the eloquence of a man’s words or the grandeur of his public deeds, but the one measured by the actions he takes in secret.
  • He had a great sense of humor. It has been said that a sense of humor is one of the most important human qualities. It makes life more enjoyable and strengthens interpersonal bonds. This is one of the qualities that endeared so many to dad. His upbeat demeanor and infectious smile never failed to lift the mood in the room.
  • He had a beautiful mind. Perhaps this is the great irony of his sublimely beautiful life: that a man so wise eventually succumbed to Alzheimer’s irreversible cognitive demise.Still his spirit lives on in us, and in our brother and sisters and all his grandchildren. Rest In Peace Daddy, and enjoy Eternal Glory. We will always carry your heart in us.

Jide and Bukola Williams
Son and Daughter-in-law

While we feel the great pain of loss, our hearts are filled with gratitude. We are so thankful to have known you, as a father and also a friend. You were always our greatest supporter and instilled in us an inner confidence that we could achieve anything. We will miss you so much.

You achieved so much in life but yet always had time for everyone. We remember when you told us that everyone came from a woman’s womb. We are all the same. You taught us the importance of respecting others, appreciating what we had, and hard work. We give the Almighty God all the glory. Thank you, Daddy. We love you.
Tunde and Lola Williams
Son and Daughter-in-law

Grandpa never imagined it would end this way. He never imagined that the walls in his once brilliant mind would cave in on him the way it did. He never imagined searching the rubble of his memories for clues that would help him recognize my brother Tobi and I. Can anyone imagine the terror of a brain blackout? When the lights go out in every room of your mind. I saw the disease steal Grandpa’s thoughts until there were no more thoughts to steal. I watched the loss of his language skills until there were no more skills to lose. I wish my brother Tobi and I had more time with him. I wish he could have seen me in the mitochondrial lab at Columbia University working hard on brain disease research. I wish I could tell him that I am doing it for him; that one-day after I graduate from medical school, I will help my dad find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.
Lolade Williams

I always knew my grandfather was a loving man who cared greatly for his family. He is survived by four children who love and honour him more than anything. Grandchildren who will always be grateful to him. A beautiful, strong wife. And the Gabi Williams Alzheimer's Foundation, doing great work in his name. In the end what more could be asked of life?
Damilare Williams-Shires

I miss Grandpa. I hope to be like him when I am older. He was a great man. He told my dad that a good name is better than gold.
Tobi Williams

I remember Grandpa as a kind and caring person. He always looked for the best in people and he was always there to give me the best advice. I remember when he used to greet me with a cheery and light-hearted 'Jonny boy'. It was great going to see him in my visits to Nigeria. Despite the recent events I will remember the best moments of fun and laughter with Grandpa.
Jonny Bailey

A generous, fun and happy grandfather, he will be much missed. Every time he saw me, he greeted me in such a nice way. He was obviously a great dad and a wonderful grandfather.
Jimi Bailey


In the days of Dr. Gabisiu Ayodele Williams’s childhood, he was such a person that was full of jokes, full of life and a person that was fun to be with; he was the only child of his mum, but among his father’s children, there were two of his brothers he cherished so much. They were Sami and Rasheed, and they were so close to the extent that they were seen everywhere together. His grandmum was someone who used to dye clothes; she had a place where she uses to dye clothes.

Whenever Gabi went visiting his grandmum at her work place, Sami and Rasheed always went with him. This made his grandmum give them the name which were Eta oko (Three Stones) or the Oseni Triplet. So whenever she saw them coming, she would say, ‘the Oseni Triplets are coming’. Gabi and Rasheed were also very fond of each other.

I was his favourite sister. I knew of his likes and dislikes, his do’s and don’ts; our grandmum used to call me his mother due to our closeness. Whenever I went to visit him, I always had guridi (snacks). Because I knew how much he loved eating guridi.

One reason why I loved my brother was because of his gentle and meek nature; he was such an easy- going person, he never liked trouble, and he was very slow to anger. He liked eating at home, and he never ate from outsiders.

The closeness of my brother and I made people ask why he would not leave me alone. I so loved him and will always love him. My last word to you Gabi is to sleep on, always remember how much we love you.

Please do not let any evil befall your wife and family. I love you and the family of Dosunmu loves you and will always love you, for you’ve been more than a brother, uncle, father, grandfather, and friend to us all. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Alhaja Folasade Dosunmu
Eldest Sister

DDoc! An amazing son, brother, husband, father, grandfather and uncle.

He was the absolute rock of the family and made a point of being present at all major family events, from weddings, to christenings to graduations of our many family members. It is impossible to sum up all his incredible qualities in any tribute, but the one thing my children and I will always remember was his sense of humour and ability to gently tease people to great amusement. He had an inimitable and unique sense of humour that made us laugh out loud at length, which we will all sorely miss.

For and on behalf of
Lande, Lola Emanuel-Kole, Tunji Emanuel, Ruud Kole, Dele, Bolaji and Simi Kole

A dearly beloved, devoted brother with whom I was well pleased; and who will be much missed.
Bolanle Dosunmu
Youngest Sister

Our last maternal uncle is now gone, the first of our beloved grandmother’s 8! Whenever we were in the pleasure of his company he would always say to us ‘I hope you are looking after my sister’ and we would all laugh in response. The bond he shared with our mum who he always referred to as ‘my sister’ will always be remembered.

We will miss you dearly uncle Doc. May your soul rest in perfect peace.

Love, your niece,
Dayo Dosunmu and your nephew Babatunde Dosunmu Odunsi

For us they were never just uncles, for my mum they were never just brothers.

Sleep Well Uncle.
Love Always,
Abioye Agbaje.

Doc as we called him always had this one funny thing he would say to me whenever he saw me which never failed to crack me up!

It will remain a secret joke between us.

Doc was a very caring big brother. I will never forget once when his illness hadn’t become so bad and I was at his house. We got talking. During our conversation, I mentioned that I was looking to change my job . He just got up and said I should come along with him. Just like that! He took me to Mr Fola Adeola’s house. Unfortunately he was out of the country. But this is just to show what a loving caring person Doc was. He didn’t think twice about it.

He was the best.

Doc is at peace and at rest now. One can take comfort knowing that he is truly with the Lord.
May Doc’s soul Rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Love from,
Ronke Williams

While I was growing up I knew and understood the place you held in the family. You were the firstborn and went on to set a standard of excellence and achievement that guided your siblings and my generation. I knew all of this as a child but didn’t really know you as you were always somewhat of an enigma to me. The only one-on-one time we had was when I was hospitalized as a young teenager and you came to visit me one afternoon. We only spent a few minutes together but I remember being extremely surprised and in awe that you came. Even then I knew how busy you were.

It wasn’t until I was much older that I got to spend some real time with you and began to understand the man that you were. You demanded the highest standards of yourself and those around you, yet you had a very playful nature and a sense of humour that was as much conspiratorial as it was warm. I will miss those times, I will miss you, and I very much look forward to seeing you again (1 Thess 4:13-18).
Seni Williams

I didn't get to spend much time with with you but I fondly remember going to visit you at your house and spending time with my cousins. My impression of you was always someone who commanded respect and someone who had achieved a lot especially with your family and that was definitely something to look up to. I pray we all find comfort in this time of mourning and the values you instilled will continue to be passed on.
Yemi Williams

Uncle Doc,

Although we didn’t spend much time together, it’s sad to know that you are no longer with us. You truly had a brilliant mind and you will be sorely missed by so many of us.

I’m thankful that you lived a long and full life and the knowledge that you are with our Heavenly Father is a great comfort.
Laitan Jones (nee Williams)

Uncles have a special role they play in our lives with them being as close to a father as they can be, reason why loosing you is particularly a hard one. We remember you always had this welcoming smile on your face, so full of life and energy. We know you wouldn't want us to be sad and for this purpose we choose to celebrate your life instead. We can only hold on to fond memories of you and they will forever remain in our heart Uncle. We love you and will miss you so much.
Tope & Ranti Dosunmu


My Dear Gabi,

Your death was a big blow to the family, exit of an icon, an illustrious son of the famous Williams family of Olowogbowo area in Lagos.

You lived a good life in the service of Lagos State, in particular, and Nigeria in general. You used your knowledge to effect a change in the Islamic religion, which can never be forgotten, a fundamental change that was made without bitterness or rancor all in the service of your creator. You laid foundation for sanitation in Lagos State and later in Nigeria health system.

Now you are gone, to rest in the bosom of your creator and May the good Lord grant you Aljana Fridous.

Sun re o. Omo Olowo joye meji, Omo arojo jo ye. Omo a yi ninu aran bata butu. Omo a yi ninu etu, ma fara pa.
Gani Williams

Dr. Gabisiu Ayodele Williams. An incredible man and an accomplished Public Health professional with impeccable achievements. I had a unique opportunity to have worked with you both at the Lagos City Council and the Federal Ministry of Health. You were an outstanding leader with vision, purpose and you shared your plan with others to create positive impact. As a leader, you were an inspiration to those who worked closely with you, you were non-discriminatory, honest, sincere, trustworthy and very supportive.

I recall two striking achievements while working with you at the Lagos City Council. With your sound knowledge and expertise in Public Health you championed the

  • eradication of the common practice of hanging animal carcasses (eran Ileya) in the open for two days during the Eid- Ud-Adha festival (Odun Ileya) before sharing and consumption thus preventing a cholera epidemic.

At the Federal Ministry of Health, the top executives in the public and private sectors also benefitted from your professional expertise through conduct of the Health of the Executive Seminar whose objective was to increase their knowledge and understanding about how top executives could stay in good health.

Uncle, thank you for counselling me through my adolescent years. Your unique way of relating with me made it possible for me to sit and share with you so many things throughout my adult years.

You were witty and intelligent with a strong retentive memory. You would remember and remind me of discussion and advice of 10 years, sang songs that you learned both in primary and high schools.

Even in retirement, I still came around to tap your invaluable expertise and you gladly shared your professional guidance.

I benefitted immensely from your wealth of experience, which assisted me in my career in the civil service.

Uncle your guidance and love will live with me through the end of my days. Words cannot express how much I cherish you.

Rest in Perfect Peace.

May Allah support his family with good health and grant it forbearance of this loss.
Razaq Oladisun Ashiru.

I will always remember your jokes, your smile, your laughter and brilliant advice. Rest In Peace until we meet to part no more.
Cecilia Adebayo-Oshikanlu.

He did his best. The best in-law the Oshikanlu family has ever had. He loved my sister, Abisola, till his last breath. Rest in perfect peace.
Justice Caroline Olufawo Oshikanlu

Dr. Gabi Williams was an exceptional, rare and wonder uncle, who shared high mutual respect with our father, the late Prince Engr. J. A. Adenuga, cousin of his wife - Aunty Bisola Williams (née Oshikanlu). He was a complete gentleman and role model as an administrator in his medical career, an exceptional, loving and wonderful husband and father, and a great friend to all with a noble humble and honest spirit.
From the children of late Prince,
Engr. Julius Adepoju Adenuga

May his soul rest in perfect peace. He was wonderful all his life, making life worth living for all those who came into contact with him. My joy is that he has gone to be with the Lord. God, comfort his wife, children and those of us whom he cared for and who cared for him.
Michael Okueyungbo

Today, we are here to celebrate the life of Dr Gabi Williams. I am honored and thankful to God to have allowed you to be a major part of my life. Thank you.

Today is where our family and friends in Nigeria and abroad are present to say the final goodbye at the passing away of our dear brother, uncle, grandfather, Dr Gabi Williams. We pray that God be with him, his family, wife, children and the loved one he left behind.

I am his brother-in-law. An unapologetic worshiper of Dr Gabi Williams. Not because of who he was as a good person but because of his kindness, respect for others, wanting to give help to the downtrodden, wanting others to achieve and being the best of what they can achieve, channeling the talent to the ultimate goal, and pushing you to be the best with unguided pursuits of his assistance to make it happen.

I am here today in spirit to honor him in his passing and to thank him so much for what he had been for me personally ever since I was just a young man growing up, and ... just completing my high school/ college in Nigeria.

Dr Williams had been a great inspiration for me and many others. I tried very hard to follow his footsteps throughout my life ... and still trying to achieve it. I worshiped Dr Williams. He was my HERO.... he was always unbiased, never judgmental, caring for other fellows regardless of their financial or personal status ... just simply being kind to your fellowman. Dr Williams was my inspirational figure throughout his life and I always wanted to be like him when growing up.

For me having lost my father at an early age he was the only inspirational figure that I mentally emulate in my heart to be like. He was the only one I always dreamed of being like. I unrelentingly tried ... but still never get there... yet. I would never have been who I am today without him. His advice, guidance, humor, kindness and good natured did help me in my trying hours.

My greatest regret... Not being able to reciprocate his love & kindness ... even a fraction of his generosity and love. His kindness, love, gratitude and never looking for anything in return is admirable.

May God almighty be with him. May God be with his wife- my dear sister, children and the family he left behind. May he Rest In Peace. God bless.
Jimi Oshikanlu

My darling in-law, (nay) , my ever loving Egbon, I am short of words, but not bereft of gratitude to GOD for the admirable, loving and fruitful life you lived. With your departure ,many things shall I miss. Is it your amiable disposition, ? Your wise counselling? Will it be our your ever jovial personality? Or the usual rib-cracking banters we share whenever we are together? Never a dull moment between us when we are together. You defended and protected my "interests" all the time. My losses are innumerable. You are more than an in-law to me and others like me in the Oshinkanlu family. You are the Egbon -from- same- womb, that I was not privileged to have. Yet, you are all-in-one…wrapped together for me and everybody. Painful that you are no more physically with us, we take solace in the indisputable fact that your loving memories remain and shall abide with us while on this planet. In fact we have no cause to mourn but to perpetually celebrate the beautiful , enviable, gratifying and loving life you lived on mother Earth . So, my, egbon, my mentor, my confidant, my buddy, my all, I wish you eternal rest in our Lord. Adieu till we meet to part more .

Feyi Oshinkanlu.

Farewell to an icon.

Uncle you were a rare gem, a giant and an icon. You brought prestige to Public Health in Nigeria. You were the symbol of integrity, diligence and excellence.

The standard you left in the Federal Ministry of Health as Director Public Health is yet to be equalled.

On a personal level, you were first my teacher, then my mentor and role model.

You were gentle, caring, and amiable with a great sense of humour. I have fond memories of the Donuts (from Mr. Biggs) sessions we had in your office in those days.

As you entered old age, you reacted to increasing disability and frailty with typical resilience and dignity. You were an example of courage and endurance till the end. Your fought a good fight and won. Glory be to God. You will be missed but my consolation is that you are in a better place.

“Death swallowed by triumphant life!
Who got the last word, oh Death?
Oh, Death, who’s afraid of you now?”
1st Corinthians 15:25. (Msg)
Goodnight till we meet on the resurrection day.
Your niece,
Toyin Salawu

Adieu Uncle Doctor Gabi!

On behalf of the family of the late Mr and Mrs D.O. Ogun, we thank God for a wonderful person like Uncle Doctor, who has helped each and every one of us individually and as a family in various ways, willingly, gladly and cheerfully and without any condition.

He was a man of high integrity and a pillar of society. He was very down-to-earth and a truly compassionate man.

We thank God for his life and for his wife and wonderful children. We wish all of God’s many blessings on them all. We ask our Lord to comfort Aunty, Toun, Mope, Jide and Tunde and the grandchildren, too: Lolade, Damilare, Tobi, Jonathan, Jimisola and Lamitunde.

May Uncle’s beautiful soul rest in perfect peace.
Deaconess ‘Laide Abraham
On behalf of the family of the late Mr and Mrs D.O. Ogun

We thank the Lord for the good life and legacy of our dear Uncle Gabi.

He was like a father figure to us. He was very supportive and he encouraged us to achieve the best in our education and in our career.

May God bless his family, may they reap the reward of all his good works.

We pray that his soul will rest in Almighty God’s perfect peace.
Your niece,
Funlayo Salawu

He was my first crush. At that time, he was the handsome young Uncle Gabi, married to my beautiful young aunty Bisola. They visited us that evening and I was smitten. I was 5 or 6 years old, no more. An extra shyness came over me and my heart fluttered whenever he was around, maybe because of his disarming laughter. A mild sadness always descended whenever they had to leave. They lived then in Yaba, around Adekunle. I don't even remember where we lived then. The crush died a natural death however, I'm not even sure when. I was a lot older by the time I had any meaningful interaction with him after that time. I came back from the U.K. armed with a Law degree and a determination to change my world. Uncle Gabi was always ready to encourage those dreams because he also in his own way was still on a crusade to change his world. I remember conversations with him about politics, religion, family, the books he read, he tried unsuccessfully to spark my interest the Keynesian theory of economics, I couldn't get into it, but I admired the voracious reader that he was with a thirst for diverse knowledge. He didn't mind that I was just emerging from childhood nor did he treat me like a child. Our conversations were always like adult to adult. He was also famous for his "expensive jokes" which no one wanted to be on the recieving end of those in the know may remember"coke" and "tug of love", but I in the end, we all knew he meant no harm.

He was missed for years before he passed on and that was very painful. He will be missed more now we only have the memories. Good night Uncle Gabi I really thank God I was privileged to know you.
Adejoke Kavodel-Uthman

Uncle Gabi

Thank you for being a big part of our lives Although you were very learned and well traveled you made strangers feel like family. You had a knack for making people feel loved, special and at ease .As a child I looked forward to being around you and that feeling has continued through adulthood.

Your generosity knew no bounds. We were privileged to spend vacations at your home at Lugard Avenue Ikoyi then Victoria Island during our summer holidays, those vacations were the subject of some fine essays at school ( it was nice to be able to say we had a vacation that we enjoyed) Thank you for supporting Aunty as she cared for us materially and financially when her brother my dad passed away in 1971.

Your advice on being financially responsible always rang in my ears and has helped mold me into the financially astute and responsible person that I am today.

The most powerful testimony I saw fleshed out was your love and devotion to aunty and your children. It was exemplary. I haven’t met a man like you yet .I loved those Oshikanlu women jokes haha ! You would attend church with aunty out of love and devotion then tell us jokes for days about the activities .Later we would chuckle as you went around humming hymns and choruses then reading your bible on the sly .The last time I spoke to you, you told me about your belief in God and in Jesus as Lord and Savior and asked me to stand strong in God.

Uncle like so many others whose life you impacted I will miss your physical presence here on earth but take consolation in the fact that we shall see face to face in Gods glorious kingdom one day.

Ps: tell my dad hi and pick up where you left off and keep the saints laughing.
Dr Olabisi Oshikanlu

When I think of uncle Gabi , I think of love, humor and a life of contentment. I think of wisdom and selflessness. Uncle gave me invaluable advice on life. He told me love of God, honesty and contentment are key to happiness. His love for family and humankind can not be overstated.
Love you uncle,
Bolajoko Oshikanlu

A kind uncle, he expressed the truth in a loving and humorous manner. A realist, whose humility and intellectual depth was shared effortlessly. He freely gave astute marital, social, financial and economic advice. He was a wise physician who respectfully introduced you to the matter of betterment while silent about his esteemed social status. His collection of books simply read ‘Gabi’. In my lifetime I got to know a wonderful and great man... Dr Gabi Williams. We will always love you.

From Tunde, Fiki, Oluwafemi 'Mo' and Miide Oshikanlu
Nephew and Children

Dr. Gabi Williams was a good man. We just lost a decent, disciplined, honest, loyal, faithful and gentle soul. He was a great father, uncle, teacher, mentor and friend. Our loss is Heaven’s gain. A truly good man has gone to his Maker.

Remi & Bisi Oshikanlu
Nephew and Wife

Uncle Gabi,

You were always a kind uncle full of ideas and with a wonderful sense of humour. It was always a pleasure to be in your presence.

Most of all, I am grateful to have known a greatly achieved man like you, sir.

It is very difficult for us, your family, to accept your departure from us, but I know you’re in a better place.
Rest in peace Sir, but your memory and spirit will forever be with us.
Jide Oshikanlu

My dear brother-in-law, fondly called Gabi by many.

The news of death came to me as a rude shock. I cannot begin to articulate the very significant impact you had in our lives, especially on my humble self.

You had always been a positive game changer in many ways. You loved all and respected everyone in the family.

You taught me many good things about life, especially how to manage life.

My dear brother, you were naturally pleasant to hang out with. I can always remember your heavy but hilarious jokes about everything and anything especially the Hangout with my elder beautiful sisters.

In my early years of working life, you taught me how to prepare for life ahead including managing family affairs. I cannot thank you enough, Dr. Gabi Williams.

You were not just a big brother in law but a jolly good fellow with incredible simplicity.

Adieu my brother in law. Adieu Gabi Williams. May the Lord Jesus grant your soul eternal rest. To God be the Glory.
Temitope Oshikanlu & family

May the Lord grant the soul of the departed eternal rest. May he comfort the bereaved and the grieving. Adieu, Sir Dr Gabi Williams, my dear brother-in-law. May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Sue Oshikanlu

It's so hard to say ‘goodbye’ to yesterday, you will all agree with me. But as a believer we were made to understand, in word of God, that in everything we must learn to give thanks to God.

It grieved my heart that you have gone home now, but I take solace in the fact that , we had a lot of good times together and I cannot forget them especially when I quietly come to see you in your office without my sister's knowledge , and we crack a lot of jokes together till late at night.

You were indeed my good adopted father, who showed me a good path of life and way of the lord too.

You were a role model to many and clearly you served as a benchmark of noble and godly character to many.

Rest in Perfect Peace.
A. Oshikanlu

To God be the glory! To our dear Sister Bisola, we say: “Take heart! Our brother Gabi has been called home to rest and God grant him eternal rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. May the Lord grant you the strength and succour to bear the departure of your most loving husband and friend to the great beyond, in Jesus’ name. Our Lord Jesus, who is now your husband, will not leave you or forsake you. He will watch over you and uphold you and your children and your grandchildren. The Lord is your strength, so rejoice in a Him always and be blessed! Hallelujah!
Olumade and Folorunso Adeuja
Parent of Daughter-in-law

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