Across the globe, the month of June is set aside to celebrate caregivers - primary and secondary carers. The objective is to appreciate their service and sacrifice, and celebrate caregivers while drawing carers attention to the need for them to observe, promote and improve their personal well being and productivity in the course of their duty.

Gabi Williams Alzheimer’s Foundation joined the global community to observe the annual event in partnership with the Management of Nigeria Navy Medical Centre, Naval Dockyard, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The program was held on the 16th June, 2022 at the Conference Room of the Nigerian Navy Medical Center, Dockyard, Victoria Island, Lagos, under the guide of Captain (Dr.) H. Jobbo, the XO, following the approval of the Commandant who was unavoidably absent.

The programmed was initially designed for Medical and Non-medical staff of the facility but due to space, time and sensitivity of role, only direct medical line staff could attend the session.

The session, which lasted for about 2 hours, was facilitated by Dr. Faith Okafor, a practitioner at the Reddington Hospital, Victoria Island, Lagos. Alongside with her was, Mrs. Seun Awojoba, a Practice Managers in the same Hospital. Ms. Olatoun Gabi-Williams, who represented the Trustees gave a short brief about the aims and objectives of the Gabi Williams Alzheimer’s Foundation, its activities and the purpose of the event. She informed further that the session is part of Gabi Williams effort to contribute to the global awareness plans to emphasize the well-being of the caregivers and the disseminate information on the need for caregivers to prioritize their own personal health as well as balance up other aspects of their lives that could negatively impact their productivity as well as affect the lives of the people they are caring for.

The facilitator, Dr. Faith Okafor, shared her job experience on challenges faced by caregivers in their personal lives and how it could be carefully handled in a way that their personal challenges will not affect their productivity and the quality of care they offer to their clients at all time. She further highlighted the danger of burn out and its symptoms as entailed in GWAF resource materials. She laid more emphasis on ways to handle these symptoms when noticed. She also encouraged the audience to find a line between personal challenges and their role as a carer. In her view, the inability to clearly find the demarcating line between the separate lives may create emotional mix up and such mix up might negatively impact their output and service delivery.

In conclusion, she asserted that, good diet, sound rest, exercise and active social living are other factors that can enhance caregiver’s health and general well being.

About 34 persons (officers and men) of the facility attended the event.

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